Saturday, May 24, 2008

know the difference between sophomores in high school and drunks at a bar? nothing. i work part time on weekends in a bar. not that different from the classroom. only difference--my doling of wisdom is a bit tweaked. in the classroom, i spout of why julius caesar is really the tragedy of brutus, or that there really are other people and ideas out there (other than the small town farm ideals) and while neither is wrong, they are different and can be learned from. at the bar, well my "teaching" is typically things like: no more for you, i think you've had enough, no i will not turn the juke box up as i have already lost hearing tonight thank you very much. but the clients, pretty much the same. i have to keep order, babysit, and bite my tongue so as not to say what goes through my head.

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