Friday, May 30, 2008

you've got to see it to believe it

remember the girls in middle school who packed make-up and what we then considered more revealing clothes in a bag and ran into the bathroom before school? they came out *voila* a new and "improved" girl.

i miss those days. i don't have a classroom at my school, so i teach English a la carte. I push a cart around from empty room to empty room taking over other teachers' space while they have their off period. when i walk from class to class, i have to, of course, see teenagers.

now, first of all, i LOVE teaching. it's in my heart, truly. but please, oh please, why why why do these girls think they look good in the clothes they now wear? i remember when i was younger, thinking i'd never be old and uncool--i'd always keep up with fashion and popular music. well, hell i threw out pop music a few years ago when i realized i was happier throwing my CDs in the player in my van than i was listening to radio stations. i'd much rather hear some indigo girls, dave matthews, or depeche mode than bump and grind played at 50 decibals. but ok, i'm old, i admit, and i digress...

back to the clothes. i do not want to see butt cheeks on anyone other than my daughter when i'm bathing her. i do not want to see girls' boobs popping out of their spaghetti strapped tank tops, that don't reach their stomach. seriously, do they think this looks good? i honestly don't get it. when they see girls dressed like this on tv (and ya know, they watch some really high-brow stuff: tila tequila, rock of love, some crap with flava flav (and what is that 4 dollar plastic clock all about anyway?), and X effect), do they think to themselves "wow. that makes her look really classy. i bet if i dress like that, people will take me seriously, i'll get a nice boyfriend, and be able to really focus on learning something while i'm at school." ????

i want to put up a banner in the hallway that says: life doesn't usually work out like it did for erin brokovich.


Laura said...

This is so true! You hit the nail on the head with the girls at school. While in government class I got so sick of seeing this one girl's body parts that I wanted to bring her a sweatshirt. I don't understand what they think that they are proving or not proving by looking like this. I don't want to see their body parts. I can remember the girls in my class doing it and I would rather be dead then show my parts off- but then nobody would want to see my parts. I wish that our dress code was enforced- it would be nice!!!

groovyteach said...

oh laura, laura. that would be too easy!