Thursday, August 7, 2008

Omaha Trip

Recently, we traveled to Omaha, Nebraska to do the zoo thing. If you've never been...GO! Their zoo is awesome!

We also went to a commemerative WWII Air Force musuem which was incredibly interesting. They even took one of the huge planes out of the hangar and started it up for us. It was really cool. We also went to a railroad museum, called The Durham. My daughter actually got to go into a bunch of train cars and see how the different parts worked. It was a very kid friendly place.

Check out our photos!
We've got my hubby and daughter in front of one of the WWII planes, the Bengal Tiger, a bird I don't know the name of, and my daughter looking at the mokeys.


Melody said...

It sounds like a fun trip.

We went to the Omaha zoo in February 2007.

It was nice but they didn't have all the exhibits open in February.

My middle son keeps asking me to go back. I suppose we should find a day to do that before winter.

pjmomof3boys said...

We love the Omaha Zoo! Sadly, we haven't gotten there in a few years. Where do the summers go? We need to go back! I actually ran through the Omaha Zoo when I did the Omaha Half-Marathon a few years ago. You know how hilly it is? Yeah. At least I could look at the cute monkeys through my tears...And no, I haven't run since...

CN said...

What a neat trip! It looks like Nova was loving it too. :-)