Monday, November 10, 2008


I have been working with Nova on her letters. We learned N O V A. She still won't say "Nova" but she'll say N O V A. That's great. Well, she has this horrid alphabet game that you press a letter and it SCREAMS (and there's no volume on this thing) A APPLE or X X-RAY. It's completely obnoxious.

The other day, my husband had her and my nephew out playing on the swings. He took some sidewalk chalk and wrote Nova and Brady (his name). Nova walks over and says N O V A as expected. Then she goes on, B R A D Y. Uhhhhh WHAT????

Turns out, that darn obnoxious toy has taught her ALL HER LETTERS. Wooohoooo!!!!! Now she knows all letters and numbers 0-10. Woohoooooooo twice!!!!

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Bratmom said...

see that obnoxious toys arent so bad afterall :)