Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Blues

Lord have mercy, summer is tough when your child has autism!! The first week out of school, Nova really had a hard time. Less structure, mommy (a teacher) is exhausted, trying to find our way. Then week two, mini-vaca with grandma and mommy, which again, means different routine. Hotel rooms. Restaurants. Excitement over new experiences. All things Nova needs. All things a melt down waiting to happen.

Overall, she did great. Overall, my patience held out. (with a few hits of nicoutine outside the hotel---something I'm not proud of). Sure helped having grandma there! Crayons and work books, fave toys all made it okay.

So let's talk about it....what things help you when routines are broken???


Trauma F Newell said...

Hello, nice to meet you. My daughter Alanis has Autism and when I drive down a different street to go home. she has her meltdowns, but now I explain to her that I have other places to go and we can't take the same streets home all the time. She's coming around, only because I stop to get her something she likes at her favorite store. If it helps, why not! I like your blog. Checkout my blog at and follow at
and also I have written a new children's Book about my daughter with her daily routine and challenges with Autism. My book is called ALANIS' DAILY ROUTINE available at and Barnes & We as parents can learn a lot from each other. People can better understand about Autism from my daughter's behaviors and expressions with Autism.

kristi said...

We try to talk it out. Some days I tell TC to breathe deeply and we learned in therapy that chewing gum or blowing bubbles lessens anxiety. So I always carry gum!