Monday, July 16, 2012

Nova's moving on up ;)

I believe that part of what makes Nova, Nova is that I've never allowed her to "pull inside" herself.  As soon as she was diagnosed, my husband, my parents, and myself sat down to discuss some things and we all agreed that we would do everything we could to ensure that she'd not withdraw.  It's kind of funny now, looking back.  When she was diagnosed at age 2, of course I bawled and of course I was pissed at the world for a while.  But when that little girl sat on my lap, I MADE her look me in the eye.  I MADE her let me hug her.  Now I've got a different set of problems.  This kid is SOCIAL.  Holy cow.  That doesn't mean she doesn't like to play alone or doesn't tell me that she needs alone time.  But she LOVES to be around other kids.  So now I have to change my focus from keeping her engaged and wanting to be plugged in to others, to teaching her appropriate social skills.  She has a lot of problems with tone of voice and being way too bossy!!! So now we just change our focus!!!


Stacey said...

Sounds like a typical girl. :) She is lucky to have such a great family.

Yun Chan Khalid said...

Nova has such a beautiful family ;')

MomtoMax said...

It is something isn't it? Our kids grow and change in ways that you may never expect after the diagnosis. My Max would withdraw as well early on but now he demands to be the center of attention. With each year they really present a new set of challenges as they mature and progress.

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