Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Clarke Homecoming

Well, my alma mater had another homecoming. We survived it. By survive, I is it some work for the teachers! (Well, those who care about kids anyway).

We had dress up days all week. I did not partake, as I feel that I should be professional looking at work. I did, however partake in Clarke Pride (wearing the good ol' maroon and white) today.

Then Thursday was Boom Night. For those of you who do not know, Boom Night is a night of class skits and other competitions. It's a big deal here. And for those of you alums who haven't been to one in a while, it's different. No more making fun of staff (good for me, bad for kids), and no more at home skit practice. We do it all during advisory time now (which means 23 minutes per day).

But the clincher is that the other things have to be done during that time. So, the majority of the class is working on the skit and the rest of us are creating indoor and outdoor decorations for those competitions.

My academic team splits up the duties. Gall and Lampe take care of the skit (thank goodness), Owens and Rowe take care of indoor decorations, Bannerman and Bell babysit the kids who won't participate, and I'm in charge of outdoor decorations.

This is a huge pain. But then Boom Night rolls around and it's actually quite fun. The men on our team grill burgers for us while the kids put up the decorations. The kids have a ball. It's like they get to legally vandalize the school. We made "Class of 2010" banners, "Clarke Pride," "Go Clarke" etc. The pictures are of some of my kids doing the decorations.

I think I got home at 11. Except for missing out on time with my own daughter, it's not a horrible night.

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