Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not a recession?

Forget the presidential race for a minute. Forget the slanderous comments of McCain towards others (can you see where my loyalties lie? lol) Let's talk about money. I know it's undignified. But we've got to be real. Too many people are broke.

I'm not talking about the people who have to give up their monthly trips to the spa, here. I'm talking BROKE. Almost everyone in my small circle of friends is LESS THAN a paycheck from being homeless. Juggling bills to feed their kids. Behind on student loans. Ummm. People got an education so they could live better. So much for that. They'll be in serious trouble for getting that education because wages don't cover paying college loan payments.

And I'm not talking about people who are in trouble for living beyond their means. I'm not talking about "Joe the Plumber who makes a couple hundred grand a year and isn't a plumber at all. I'm talking about hard working, dependable people who cannot pay their bills.

It's not right. We have to reprioritize. Exxon had RECORD BREAKING sales this year. (And we wonder why we were paying almost 4 bucks in gas?) I say Exxon has to give back. Fine, they don't have to pay the taxes they are supposed to. Rechannel that money. Instead of making them pay those taxes (because, come on...we all know that's not gonna happen), let's make them help the people of this country.

They should be forced to adopt communities and do what is necessary to help the people within them. They can buy some houses for people who have always rented, they can fix up the schools that are falling apart, they can set up programs to help people pay for daycare, and they can help people pay off student loans.

It's POCKET CHANGE to these corporations, folks. It wouldn't even make a dent in their profits. I say we go old school and make these corporations help PEOPLE. Get back to the way things used to be, when people helped one another. It's just not as hard as we (being the government and society) make it.

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K-Mom said...

Hear! Hear! Excellent post! Americans are making on average $2,000 less a year now than they were eight years ago. I don't know about you, but we could use that $2,000 right about now.