Thursday, June 19, 2008

doing for others thursday

Installment two of doing for others. I got to thinking about this, and was trying to think of things that would help out the people I see on a daily basis.

When you take the kids to the pool, take your neighbor's or friend's kids as well--just once--to give mom a break.

Donate sports equipment to your local YMCA or Boys and Girls Club. (They also like board games, puzzles, etc. to be donated there too).

Contact your local high schools and middle schools and see if they have a mentor program. Become one if they do. Trust me when I tell you that teens and young adults need positive role models now more than ever.

Good Luck. Everyone please go out this week and do something to help someone else. Then come back and tell me about it. It can be super small or super big. I'd love to see what we're all doing!

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groovyteach said...

Today in the mail, I got a card from a colleague who is on vacation in Tennessee. It was just a little, "hey i'm on vacation but i'm thinkin' about ya" kind of thing. It was SO GREAT. Amazing what a stamp and a few words can do!