Monday, June 30, 2008

Why won't they give it up?

We all know what it's like when the toddler won't take their nap. They just will not GIVE IT UP and LET GO! My daughter's never been good about her naps, she really doesn't require a lot of sleep (like momma) but sometimes it's incredibly necessary.

My grandmother recently came into town, staying with my parents. We made the trek (a good 2.5 miles) over to my folks' place to see her. My daughter was her sparkling self for about the first 20 minutes. Cute, showing off her words, giving high fives, being overall incredibly entertaining. Then it HIT. Stumbling, whining, not letting go of the fact that it's too windy to play outside.

And when I mean not letting go, boy do I mean not letting go. Hanging from the door handle, literally. (Mind you my folks just put in a new door--and I know it wasn't cheap--glass door, fancy screen that folks' dog ruined days after it was put in). Kicking at the floor, screaming, "GO! GO!"

Now, normally when this happens, I'd pack her up and take her home and to bed. But here's the thing. I'm thinking if I do this, she's going to think we're going outside to play and I will never get her in the mini-van. (Yup I'm a total mini-van mama--I love it, it's the best car I've ever had. So much easier to get kid in and out of). I can pick her up, of course, but when she's like this, I know it means kicking violently and then I get it in the gut and have to put her down anyway.

So we distract her with the My Little Pony coloring book and crayons and this works for a while. Then grandma gives her a cookie. Oh no! It's the kind with M&Ms in it! Ugh! She digs out the said candy coated chocolates. It takes me three baths to get that crap out from under her fingernails. (I keep telling grandma to quit buying them, but am waved away with, "but she loves them.") So much for that.

Finally, I take her home. I get all the necessities for nap time ready for her (favorite blanket, pillow, etc.) I get her down. I kiss her and shut the door. I turn on the tv. I can actually watch something I want! I am still flipping channels when....she walks out of the bedroom.

The child is not going to sleep...she's wide awake and ready to roll. Are you kidding me???


Dorian & Monte said...

I got your comment from Marcus' camp post. Email me, I'll share some information I have. :)

Dorian & Monte said...

Oh my, that post sounds like something I could have written when Marcus was 3. I remember the days when naps were getting few and far beween for him. He was also 3 and I had just had a new baby. I really needed him to nap, but it just wasn't in his game plan.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh I know those days so well... I think they have this special energy stored in thier bodies and just want to use it when we least expect it or is most inconvienant... ugh... it does get easier somewhat... (have you thought about gating her bedroom doorway so she has to stay in there when you say it's naptime?)

I got your comment... thanks... It's nice to know people know how you feel. :)