Wednesday, June 11, 2008

wednesday means get a good book!!

Okayyyy it's Wednesday! Book recommendation time. This week's recommendation, for those who have never read it is The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck. I'm ashamed to say that I just read it for the first time (I mean, c'mon whoever heard of an English major NOT reading it) but it was amazing. I finally see why Oprah picked the book for her book club a couple of years ago.

If you've read it, give me your thoughts. Otherwise, go to the library and check it out--worth the read. I'd love to hear what you think.

I won't say anything about it yet until I've heard what yout think. New book title next week!

The picture is one of my former students showing off all the books he read in a semester. This was also back when I had a classroom *sigh*


pjmomof3boys said...

Hey, former English teacher here too! The Grapes of Wrath—awesome book! So rich in description and characterization. It's been quite a few years since I last read it, so I'd love a chance to skim through it again. Have you seen the movie? It's wonderful! We used to show it in our American Studies class—back when I had a classroom too! :)

groovyteach said...

lol i'm still teaching English, just no darn classroom !!!

i loved this book--i can't believe i never read it. the ending bothered me...not because of what happens, but because i wanted to know more!

CN said...

This is one of my all time favorite books. My sister keeps trying to read because I keep telling her to, though, and she hates it. Funny!