Tuesday, June 17, 2008

stay calm, stay cool

Deep breaths. You are not an angry person. You don't really want to hit this woman, even though you picturing it over and over in your mind, kind of like on that show Ally McBeal when Ally would see things happen that weren't.

What's causing this distress, you ask? You all know someone like her. The BRAGGART. OH MY GOD! Shut up! I don't care that your daughter is a math genius. I highly doubt you're a member of MENSA (and who cares, I can send a check and take the test too--what's that prove?), and I doubt that neither of your precious daughters ever drank, smoked, or had sex in high school!

I know, I sound petty...but please, oh lord please. Let's all learn a lesson from this woman! I love my daughter, you know I do. But if I ever get the holier than though tone when talking about her--you all have my permission to let me know.

That's not to say that we can't brag on our kids some--it's normal and exciting to talk about how our kids are learning and growing. But I live in the REAL WORLD, where kids make mistakes, make messes, and fall in love when they're 16 and do things we wish they wouldn't. (which reminds me...we teach no protection sex ed at this school I work in--let's put pools in all of our yards, but tell our kids we won't teach them to swim safely).

OK, I think I've at least replaced the image of me pummeling this woman to death out of my mind. Well....I can't help it if it's replaced by the image of her in that pool, naked, with all the neighbors pointing and laughing.


Dorian & Monte said...

I can SO relate. Do you think it bothers us so much because our child has autism? Or do you think braggarts are just generally irritating? Another thing that bugs me is when people compare my kids to each other. I wouldn't do that even if my #2 didn't have autism. Why do people think that I'm interested in how #1 did this and that and #2 still can't. Or how #3 is beginning to bypass #2. Help me understand this!! I love my kids, all the same no matter what issues I deal with.

Wow, that was a vent. Thank you!!!

groovyteach said...

Oh I'm so glad someone else understands! Yes sometimes I think I'm over-sensitive to other parents because my daughter has autism (I know the over-sensitive thing comes as a shock to those who know me). But this woman has bugged me since I moved to this town and her kids are grown and she still acts like that!

And I understand the comparing. I only have one child, but my sisters had babies at the same time, so people are ALWAYS comparing the three. I love my niece and nephew, they're super awesome, but I know that my daughter isn't like them and it surely doesn't diminish any love I have for her!

Laura said...

Oh I totally understand this person- trust me, I totally get it. I picture myself Ally McBealing her on a daily basis. I had to restrain myself during the meeting this afternoon (which by the way took WAY too long). I got my digs in though, which was way beyond nice. This person is just horrible and likes to brag on her kids way too much. I understand wanting to brag on your children, I mean I brag on "mine" but enough is a enough. Nobody cares that her kids are perfect, nobody cares- people are sick of it. She is not perfect and neither are her kids. She wants to think that she has experienced so much, but she has no idea.

Dorian & Monte said...

I just thought of something funny.

Here's a brag that I tell, that most non ASD people won't think is a brag. But to me it is...

Not long ago Marcus got a hold of one of those cans of fake cheese. You know the stuff that has a little white tip and if you bend it fake cheese comes out. Unbenownst (sp?) to me and DH Marcus sprayed said cheese into our hallway outlet. The event went unnoticed until we found our dog going to town licking the outlet (yes, he's fine). Upon checking to see what the dog was so keen on, we discovered cheese. lol Marcus admited to it right away (of course, to him it was fun).

It's those kind of events that I've learned to laugh about and then tell to anyone who seems just the slightest big interested. No, he's not perfect. But he's SO much fun!!!