Monday, June 23, 2008

What do you do for fun?

We do a lot of things with our daughter that are a blast. This summer we've been lake swimming twice, grilled out several times, swim daily in our yard inflatable baby pool, to the zoo, etc. But what do you adults do for fun?

For me, it's always the simpler the better. Tonight after class, I met up with four friends for a girls' supper. We met at a great place, had great food and just caught up. For me, this is the ultimate fun because time is so precious that I rarely get to do it. I love being one of the girls for a couple of hours--with no kiddo worries, no work worries, no life worries.

I also stopped by Half Price Books while I was there and spent a whopping 3 bucks and got 2 books to read. This is the ULTIMATE fun for me. I'm cheap, so I hate spending money on books, but for 3 bucks, I can pamper myself for a few days until I'm done with them. :)

But here's the kicker. Moms, I bet you've felt this a million times. I work hard. I work my A** off, matter of fact! So why do I always feel so guilty for spending the three bucks? Or the 17 that dinner cost me? I also got a pedicure...that was 30 bucks. Sounds frivilous. But do you know the last time I did any of those things??? Let's see...I bought a book about a month ago. (Huge fan of libraries and garage sales for books). I did go out to lunch a week ago, but only because I had a gift certificate. So before that, I probably hadn't spent money in a restaurant for months, and a pedicure??? I know exactly when it was. One year ago. I had one the last time I took a class, which was this time last summer.

Do I feel I deserve these extravagances once in a while? Rationally, yes. It's not like I do it often and trust me when I remind you that I'm cheap. Why do we moms feel so guilty about it? To be honest, I blame my mother (in a good way). The woman never bought new clothes, never went out with friends, never went to movies. She did this so my sisters and I could have everything we needed (and most of what we wanted). I also blame doctor bills. They are our biggest challenge (and college loans).

How 'bout you, Moms? Does this bother you? How do you balance it and still find time and the wits to do things for yourself?

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Bratmom said...

Hmm... good question. Rarely I find time for myself. Yes on the weekends I go over to my parents for a couple hours with no kids but since they're raising my neice theres still a child around and I end up working. I guess I feel like I need to give to everyone else before I give to myself. It's my downfall. I rarely spend money on myself because I feel it could be used somewhere else. At the end of each day I'm so exausted that I just want to climb in bed anyway. I do think that sometimes we just need to say ok i'm going to do this for myself so one a month I pick a day and write on the calendar I'm doing this or that it doesnt have to be much like maybe a pedicure or dinner with a friend and thats it. It helps alot.