Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do Unto Others

Sometimes, trying to find the time and energy to do something for someone else can be tough. At times, you moms especially, we feel like, "Can't someone do something for me???" So today's challenge is to go do something for yourself. Even if it's as small as going OUT for a cup of coffee (don't worry if you have no one to go with...I do this alone with a good book). If you're cheap and pinching pennies like me, take two bucks to Goodwill or Dollar General and buy something silly or a fabulous scented candle. Dollar General actually has some GREAT cherry and applie pie candles right now.

C'mon, moms--do for yourself. Then tell me all about it!


pjmomof3boys said...

Hey, groovyteach, I'm gonna take you up on that...I'll let you know what I do! Yay, me!

Thanks for the permission! Why is it that we moms always need to ask permission before doing something for ourselves???

momof3ps said...

Hey, happy BD to daughter. Think you were about that old first time I saw you.
I'll have to look in to those pie they would make great gifts for my friends at Christmas.
Hope you are enjoying your summer.

groovyteach said...

pjmom, good for you! i'm glad you're going to do so.

momof3ps, i'm so happy to hear from you! yes the candles are great gifts...check them out!