Sunday, July 27, 2008

Girls Night Out

Remember when you could be up all night, downing Rum and Cokes and then make it to your 8 o'clock class? I remember the days. I even remember a weird stint when I was 28 when I relived those days for a while (my youngest sister had moved in with me for a while and turned 21. Sadly, I thought I did too.)

Well, Saturday night my other sister and I got the husbands to stay with the kids and we were going to hit the town. Mind you, there's not much to do here so we were going to go to Des Moines, see Mama Mia! and get some great Mexican food at Monterrey. (It's on University...if you live nearby, eat there! It's fab!)

Well, we met up after my sister got her hair cut and colored. She looked GORGEOUS by the way. We decided we were too tired to leave town. So we go grab my mom and decide to take her for a drink at the bar I work out. Mind you, she has about 2 drinks per year...and only when we drag her out. So we have our drink. I couldn't even finish mine, geesh! We decide to go to the casino for dinner. We wait an hour for our food. (We ordered off the menu). So by then it's after 8. We decide to go hit the slots for a while.

Now, mind you--I'm cheap. I have to be a penny pincher with doctor bills adding up and other bills, you know how it is. But I decide--hey, mom picked up the tab for dinner and if we'd gone to Des Moines for dinner and a movie, it would have easily cost me 30 bucks. So I allow myself 20 to play the slots. I lost it, but I actually felt okay about it since it was worth an hour and a half of entertainment.

So at 9:30 I run into sister and mom and they're like, "Tell me you're ready." And of course I am. Our big girls night out and we're all wiped by 9:30!! What has become of us??? This is a rhetorical question, of course. What has happened to us is work, kids, households, volunteering, paying bills, doctor visits, taking care of grandma, taking care of husbands (I mean, c'mon. They can't do some things correctly!), dishes, laundry, etc. Cheers to getting old!

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Alicia said...

I am so glad you had a girls night! I am just now remember that its so important to take time to reconnect with your girlsfriends!

Love your blog!