Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oof! Damn that keyboard!

I tripped over it once again...the red hard plastic musical keyboard with like four piano keys on it. I put it away, ticked off that I have now hit my sore toe...again. Then I think, "Why put this one away when twenty more toys are on the floor?" I know this should be my motivator to pick up all the toys. Then I sigh, get a glass of iced tea and remind myself that in ten minutes, they'll all be back out on the floor again. At least, I guess, I'm not tripping over the 1273 animals we have because my daughter is obsessed. I'm pretty sure 881 of those are horses.

Whenever I pictured my future home (when I was younger), I never pictured living in a house that looks like dorm room because why spend money on anything nice when it's just going to be trashed in no time.

I guess this doesn't help explain the dishes I need to do or the laundry that's piling up.

Guess you know what I'm doing today, don't you? Wish me luck!

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pjmomof3boys said...

Hey, I'm with you, sister! I tried to clean yesterday, and I didn't get nearly as much done in reality as I had planned on. Imagine that! I always feel so much better when the house is actually picked up, but it's so depressing when it then gets trashed again in about 30 seconds! Good luck!!!