Thursday, July 3, 2008

Doing for others Thursday

Today's very simple. I'm taking a huge bag of clothes and a huge box of toys to our local junk shop. (Cross Ministries--it's like Goodwill, but run by a group of churches or something). It helps them with inventory and helps me get rid of the clothes that I'm fooling myself into thinking I'll fit into they're really cute so someone will buy them! :)

Go ahead, folks. Clean out the closets. Go to Goodwill, drop them off. It's nice to clear out the clutter!


pjmomof3boys said...

Awesome reminder! I've got PLENTY of stuff to give away. I'm taking clothes down to my mom and dad's this weekend for the local back-to-school clothing drive. Always makes me feel good to know other people can use what we no longer use!

Have an awesome weekend! Maybe I'll see you over the 4th! ;)

groovyteach said...

Oh I hope we do run into one another! Thanks for the reminder about the back-to-school clothing drive. We always have more :)