Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Small Town Life

Things I love about a small town:

1. People say hi to you on the street

2. People wave at you when you meet them on highway 69, if you know them or not.

3. People are super supportive. Help is available if you can ask for it (and sometimes if you don't)

4. My monthly book club meeting.

5. My parents and sister and her family are here.

6. Occasionally, an old friend comes back to visit...that's fun.

7. You don't spend that much on gas, because you only drive within a five mile radius.

What I miss about the city:

1. You can go to the grocery store in pjs and with bad hair and no makeup. Chances are you won't see anyone you know.

2. Shopping for said groceries at 3 am.

3. Cultural events. Cinco De Mayo, the Theater, the Symphony

4. Pro basketball.

5. Pro anything.

6. More resources for children.

7. Spending a billion dollars on gas because you drive 30 miles to work and still haven't left the city. (sense the tone)

The small town has given us what we needed now...why do I miss the city so much???


Maddy said...

Oh I laughed at one and two, that would be me but wearing big, black fluffy slippers!

pjmomof3boys said...

I think it's that "the grass is always greener..." thing because now that I'm in the "city" (well, the suburbs anyway), I totally miss the small town! You're right, there are great conveniences to living right down the street from Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, TJ Maxx, etc., etc., but there isn't the same laid-back small-town friendliness, which I really miss! Maybe we should do a house swap for a while! :)

Dorian & Monte said...

PJ, I have a good idea. How about we do play dates and share. We'll do one here in my small town and then yours, etc. I'd love to hang out close to a Target now and then, but wouldn't to leave my small, no flashing light, no grocery store, small town for good.